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EasyJet holidays are cancelled up to 24 March

EasyJet holidays has cancelled all bookings up to and including 24 March.

Earlier this week, Jet2holidays cancelled all its packages up to and including 25 March.

TUI, the UK’s largest travel company, has so far only cancelled packages up to mid-February for departures from England. It has cancelled package until the end of January for departures from Scotland and Wales.


My easyJet holiday is cancelled, what are my rights?

EasyJet is contacting customers with holidays booked up to 24 March to let them know their holidays are cancelled.

If your easyJet holiday is cancelled you can choose a new holiday online or accept credit added to your online account. The credit must be used to book a new holiday within 12 months.

Alternatively, you are entitled to a full refund for any cancelled holiday.

The company says it is processing refunds within an average of 12 days. This is less than the 14 days permitted by law.

If you’re due to travel after 25 March, you can change or defer your holiday online up to 28 days before departure. You won’t incur any change fee but you will have to pay extra if the new holiday costs more.

EasyJet has holidays on sale up to March 2022.


Should I re-book, take the credit or apply for a cash refund?

If you already know which holiday you’d like to switch to – and you’re happy with the price, there’s little harm in re-booking.

Your holiday will be financially protected and you’ll be helping keep easyJet afloat.

But I don’t see the point of accepting credit. Why leave your money in easyJet’s account when you can have it in your own bank or use it for something else?

Take back the cash and you can shop around for the best deal when you’re ready to re-book.

You shouldn’t have much hassle claiming a refund. EasyJet holidays says it’s able to issue these within 12 days and its Customer Director says the company will ‘continue to do the right thing for customers’.

Let’s hope so.

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