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Eurostar to launch first direct train service from Amsterdam to London

Eurostar is to operate a direct service from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to London for the first time, making a return trip to the Dutch cities by train much easier.


The fast-train operator launched a direct service from London to Amsterdam in 2018, but the return trip currently requires a connection in Brussels, which makes the trip much longer.


A direct service in both directions will be available from Amsterdam from April 30 and from Rotterdam from May 18.



Tickets will go on sale on February 11 with fares starting at £35 each way.


It’s great news for travellers keen to cut their carbon footprint as, according to Eurostar, the fast train service kicks out 80% per passenger fewer carbon emissions than flights operating the same route.


There are currently three outbound services a day from the UK to the Netherlands. The direct inbound journey from Amsterdam to London will start with two services, with the aim of increasing to a third, and then a fourth.


The train takes a little over four hours from Amsterdam to London, which is longer than a flight but it operates from city centre to city centre, so it’s far less hassle.

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