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Family kicked off cruise for leaving organised shore excursion

A family was kicked off the first major ocean cruise to re-launch following lockdown for breaking away from the ship’s organised tour in Naples.

It was refused back onto the MSC Grandiosa, which had previously informed all guests that, for health and safety reasons, they would only be allowed to take its own shore excursions.

A spokeswoman for the cruise line said: “Ashore, guests will be able to enjoy the different destinations the ships visit, but this will be only as part of an organised MSC Cruises excursion that will be delivered with the same high standards of health and safety as on board.

“By taking this decision the company is able to ensure that every aspect of the guest’s time ashore meets the appropriate standards of health and hygiene from ensuring that transfers are properly sanitised, that tour guides and drivers are wearing PPE, venues and sites to be visited are pre-screened through to ensuring there are reserved areas for MSC Cruises guests at attractions.”

British holidaymakers have been temporarily barred by the cruise line, the first to resume cruises since the industry was shutdown due to coronavirus. For the time being, it is only accepting guests from Schengen countries.

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