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Give up the booze, travel instead

Dry January = a mini break

A year of no booze = a week in Jamaica

Need an incentive to give up drinking in 2020, or just a teeny bit of encouragement to get you through Dry January? Well, stay on the wagon and this time next year you could be on a beach in the Caribbean.

Yep, that’s right. Pop all of the money you and your partner (or BFF) would spend on beer, wine and cocktails in your piggy bank instead for the whole of this year and you’ll save enough for an all-inclusive week in Jamaica.

Even if you only give up booze for the rest of January, you should have enough saved to take a mini break somewhere lovely next month, which, IMO, is the best time to flee the UK.

A study by foreign exchange company Caxton found that a couple would only need to give up drinking for five weeks to afford a short break to Amsterdam.

After 10 weeks, they’d have enough for five nights in the Algare.

And after a whole year of abstinence, their savings would take them to an all-inclusive hotel in the Jamaican resort of Montego Bay next January.

Researchers from, on behalf of Caxtons, worked out the savings based on a couple drinking an average of eight pints of beer and one bottle of wine a week at their local pub, at a total cost of £44.

To be honest, I think my husband and I would save about twice that!

Giving up drinking, even for just a month, obviously has other, more significant benefits – your liver will get a break, you’ll probably lose weight, you should sleep better, you might decrease your chances of dying of heart disease and cancer, yada-yada-yada….but enough of the preaching already, if the possible health benefits aren’t enough of an incentive to get you to sober up, just think of the travel.

Plus, I find that the hardest thing about not drinking is persuading your drinking friends that you’re REALY not drinking, but now you can say “No thanks, I’m going to the Caribbean instead!”


Linsey McNeill

A journalist and travel writer of 35 years' standing, a once-a-week yogi, terrible skier and out-of-order mum to 2 teens. Previously Editor of, bylines also include The Telegraph, The Times, The Observer, the London Evening Standard, Which? and The South China Morning Post.

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