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Marella cancels even more cruises

Marella Cruises has cancelled all voyages up to August 27 and all departures on Marella Discovery up to October 31.

Also, the 90s v 00s Electric Sunsets cruise on Marella Explorer 2 from Newcastle on September 5 will no longer go ahead.

All clients who were booked on any of the above cruises should receive a refund credit with an extra 10% re-booking incentive added. They should get these within four weeks of receiving their cancellation email, athough I know of a number of people who are still waiting to hear from Marella about cruises that were cancelled weeks ago.

What if you want your money back?

You can request a full cash refund for any cruises that have already been cancelled. You need to fill out this form on the Tui website. If you don’t receive the cancellation email, the best advice is to keep calling them – you might have to try several times, you might have to wait online for hours, but eventually you should get through.

What if your cruise hasn’t been cancelled but you no longer want to go?

Lots of people are wondering if they still want to go on a cruise this year while coronavirus is still a concern. Understandably, many would prefer to postpone their trips, or cancel altogether.

If you cancel you will lose your deposit, so unless this was only a small sum, it’s better to wait to see if the cruise line cancels first.

If it’s time to pay the balance for a cruise in September or October and you’re wondering whether you should or not, then postponing your cruise till next year might be the best option.

Marella will allow customers sailing in September and October on Marella Explorer or Marella Explorer 2 to amend their cruise for free before July 31. If you take this option you won’t have to pay until closer to the new departure date.


What’s the catch?

You will have to pay any difference in fare between your existing booking and the new one – and some cruises will almost certainly have gone up in price next year.

I did some research for an article for Which? and found that Tui, which owns Marella, was charging its customers eye-popping amounts to move their holidays to 2021. Even those who were given a 20% re-booking incentive had to fork out hundreds more for an identical holiday next year.

That said, some clients told me they’d managed to get the same or a similar holiday in 2021 for the same price or even less, so if you’d like to postpone your cruise, it’s worth asking.


Latest cancellations

Ship affected Homeport Dates affected
Explorer 2 Ex UK / Port of Tyne 31 Jul-27 Aug 2020
Explorer 2 Ex UK / Port of Tyne 05-Sep 2020
Explorer Corfu 31 Jul-27 Aug 2020
Discovery Palma 31 Jul-31 Oct 2020







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