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Saga Cruises review: who are they good for?


Saga is the first UK travel company to insist all customers are vaccinated before they travel, so what are its cruise ships like and why might you like to travel with them?

The cruise line has just two ships, Spirit of Discovery and – due to sail for the first time this year – Spirit of Adventure. Both are described as ’boutique’ ships since they carry only 999 passengers each, which is small compared with most modern ocean liners.

Aimed at the luxury traveller, both ships boast spacious cabins – each with its own balcony, some with butlers included – numerous fine dining restaurants, spas and sundecks.

Here’s a short video by UK cruise expert Gary Bainbridge, who will talk you through the cruise line’s pros and cons and give you a glimpse onboard one of its ships.


Who are Saga cruises good for?

  • Over 50s – in fact, you can’t cruise with them if you’re any younger (move on whipper snappers)
  • Solo travellers – they have plenty of single cabins
  • Cruisers who don’t want to fly – all its cruises are from the UK
  • Passengers who like to dress up – Saga’s formal nights are very formal, pack your ballgowns, ladies
  • People with disabilities – accessible cabins are available


Why you might not like Saga cruises

  • Saga cruises are pretty traditional, think afternoon tea and ballroom dancing, so if you’re looking for a more contemporary, relaxed vibe, they’re not for you
  • It’s mainly Brits on board and the ships cater almost exclusively to British passengers; they’re not the best cruise line if you’re looking for an international flavour
  • If you want lots of activities onboard there are other cruise lines you might prefer.



I’ve never been on a Saga ship myself, I’m waaaaay too young (I’m not) but I know the cruise line has an excellent reputation in the travel industry 🙂





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