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Teletext under investigation by Government watchdog

The UK’s competition watchdog is promising to take action against Teletext if it finds it has broken the law over refunds for cancelled holidays.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has already intervened following complaints against several other travel companies, including TUI, Virgin, Lastminute and Loveholidays.

They have all since given undertakings to speed up refunds for holidays that have been cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

Now the CMA says it is looking into Teletext after receiving hundreds of complaints that customers aren’t being refunded for cancelled holidays.

It says it is looking into claims that Teletext has promised clients their money back but delayed the payment.



The CMA says it will ‘engage’ with Teletext to gather further evidence on whether the online travel agent has broken consumer protection law.

CEO of the CMA, Andrea Coscelli, said that while the pandemic is ‘presenting challenges for travel businesses’, it is important consumers are properly protected and firms comply with the law.

Under the Package Travel Regulations, holidaymakers should receive a refund within 14 days of a cancellation. Flight only customers should be refunded within seven days.

Many holiday companies have been taking longer than this to refund, especially at the start of the pandemic. The CMA says it has written to more than 100 travel companies to remind them of their obligations. It says it will also take action against Teletext if necessary.

However, the competition watchdog stressed that it is at the initial stage of its investigation, adding: “It should not be assumed that any business under investigation has broken consumer protection law.”

The CMA is also investigating whether airlines have breached consumers’ legal rights by failing to offer cash refunds for flights they could not lawfully take due to the pandemic.



What can the CMA do to help Teletext customers?

If the CMA finds Teletext has breached consumer law, it can secure commitments from the travel agent to speed up its refunds process. It has managed to do this successfully with many other travel companies during the pandemic and this is the most likely outcome if the CMA finds any wrongdoing.

The CMA can’t fine Teletext, but it can bring legal action against any company it believes is breaking the law and obtain redress through the courts.

On the other hand, if it finds consumer law has not been breached it will close its investigation.


What Which? says about Teletext investigation

Which? Travel says it has received a steady stream of complaints from Teletext Holidays customers. “Nearly a year on from the first wave of cancellations, it’s unacceptable for anyone to still be waiting for their money back,” said Editor Rory Boland.

“Customers have been understanding of the difficult circumstances travel companies faced in the past year, but it’s clear now that some operators feel empowered to act with impunity,” he said. “The regulator should establish the scale of the problem and, if necessary, quickly take appropriate action against the company to send a clear message that it will not stand for this kind of behaviour.”


Linsey McNeill

A journalist and travel writer of 35 years' standing, a once-a-week yogi, terrible skier and out-of-order mum to 2 teens. Previously Editor of, bylines also include The Telegraph, The Times, The Observer, the London Evening Standard, Which? and The South China Morning Post.

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  1. sandra black says:

    I paid full in jan2020 still waiting on refund

  2. June Blackett says:

    Ive been waiting since June last year my holiday was for KOS told August then Sept -Dec them ur will be contacted we are busy ive told them my husband has cancer but didn’t even bother to answer me every time you fone your on for about 1 hour then get cut of they tell you to email the refund people first one goes when you send a second one it says failed to send and txt is just automated answer machine £1300 is a lot of money for us we are pensioners any help would be great .

    1. Linsey McNeill says:

      Hi June, have you tried claiming a refund from your credit or debit card? This might be quicker than waiting for Teletext to refund you.

  3. My holiday was canceled back in may 2020, at first they said I would have my refund back in 14days then it was made clear I had no chance of a refund till September then that date past and since then Iv been promised my refund on 8 different Occasions and now Iv had enough and I see court as my only hope, teletext are a joke!!

    1. Linsey McNeill says:

      Hi Alexander, if you paid by card you could first try asking your bank to refund you since this is free? If you do go down the legal route, it’s worth filling out a claim form online and send it to Teletext giving them a week or so to pay – it might prompt them to refund any money they owe you before you have to pay to lodge your claim.

  4. Catherine Gilpin says:

    I am one of the many who has had their money withheld by Teletext.
    I have been waiting for £3,336 since March 2020 when Teletext Holidays cancelled my package holiday (TT757020).
    I have just submitted my claim to the Court of Money Claims to try and get my money back as Teletext Holidays just lie repeatedly and fob you off then hang up on you. They very rarely answer electronic communications apart from a generic reply again buying them yet more time to not refund.
    I will never book again with this company or any company associated with Mr Wayne Perks

    1. It’s so frustrating.
      My holiday was cancelled 9 April 2020. I call I emailed nothing just story after story. Been waiting no refund yet.

  5. kirsty spencer says:

    I waited 8 months for a refund and never had it luckily my bank stepped in and done charge backs it was so stressful teletext didn’t want to know kept lying ending calls it was awful dealing with them very poor customer service

  6. Joanne Cooper says:

    I booked for me and my daughter in may to go in 9th July. It got cancelled due to covid. I then used half of the money owed to go away in September as i was not offered a cash refund…. I have wrote to every one possible MP etc… I am still waiting. I am a single parent and i lost my job due to covid in October and it has been a struggle and depressing time especially over christmas with no money but i had money but i could not get it because Teletext holidays had it. This has caused so much pain i think Teletext should be made to pay compensation and interest.

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