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The Netherlands bans UK flights, other EU countries could follow

The Netherlands has banned all flights to and from the UK up to 1 January due to a new strain of the coronavirus ripping through England.

Other countries, including France and Germany are considering also banning Brits for at least the Christmas period.

The BBC is reporting that Belgium will suspend flights and trains from the UK from midnight tonight, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed by the Foreign Office.

The Dutch ban currently only applies to flights between Holland and the UK, not the Eurostar train service or ferries. However, the Dutch government says it’s keeping this under review and advises against all but essential travel.

According to the BBC, the German health ministry is also considering banning flights from the UK, and South Africa, where the new strain of Covid has also been detected.

French media is also reporting that France is also considering suspending flights and trains from the UK.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night introduced new Tier 4 restrictions for the South East of England, including London, which bans all travel in and out of the area. Foreign holidays from Tier 4 areas are also banned.

Will you get a refund for cancelled flights?

Few people were likely to be travelling to the Netherlands over the next couple of weeks as the Dutch government requires visitors to quarantine for 10 days.

But if you had booked a flight you will be entitled to a refund since the flights will be cancelled. If your airline offers you a voucher or a new flight instead you should request a refund if this is what you’d prefer. Some airlines are making it hard for customers to claim refunds instead of vouchers so you might need to be persistent and avoid being bounced into applying for a voucher online – if in doubt, you should call them to request your money back.


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